Nam Ton Watershed

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In the basin profile 2008, erosion was mentioned has a major issue although précising that direct measurements of the erosion and sedimentation were unavailable. The field observation made during this study is quite nuanced. Although bank erosion are important in the place where tracks and roads are crossing the stream and place where the villagers use the embankments for bathing, washing laundry and traditional dry season gardening. The degradation in the other places is still reasonably limited. The slopes of the hills also do not show evidence of significant soil degradation except in place where trails have been opened in steep slopes and in mining areas. Shifting cultivation, if done in the traditional way and in flat areas, affect seriously the forest resources, but are not that damageable for the soils.

It does not means that this parameter must be left aside. As said, some activities may be particularly damageable for the soil if not properly managed. Mining is likely going to be a major issue in terms of soil degradation not only because of the excavation but also due to trails opened rapidly without any counter-measures of soil protection. Rapid deforestation and earthworks for new plantation on large scale may also be damageable.

Erosion is therefore not an immediate issue to be tackled by the project if not in raising awareness about impacts of mining activities, roads opening, road maintenance and protection of rivers embankments.   

Erosionbank Erosionbank1
The river embankment presents various conditions if near a village Here, it is reasonably maintained.