Nam Ton Watershed

Knowledge Platform

There appear to be two main types of rain-fed rice field. There are those that are situated on higher ground and are subject to “drying out” during periods of low rainfall and those that are situated in low-lying areas and are prone to flooding. Important culture and capture fisheries are found in the low-lying rice fields, but upland rice-fields (not highland rice-fields) are not separated by bunds and cannot retain water for long periods. But, upland rice-fields are important habitats for OAAs such as frogs, insects and rice field rats.

Pumping out a trap pond close to B. Nalath, Sangthong District to harvest fish and other aquatic animals (OAAs). Production from these trap ponds can be considerably increased with basic technical int
A collection of Hoi Cherry or apple snail. This is a dangerous animal that has the potential to damage young rice plants. If managed correctly, there are ways to control this animal in its juvenile st