Nam Ton Watershed

Knowledge Platform

These are either natural or man-made water bodies that may or may not be connected to the Nam Ton mainstream and, or its tributaries during the wet season months. Some of these water bodies are privately owned and are “closed access” whereas others are “open access”. Some of them never “dry out” completely, but expand greatly during the wet season months and are therefore perennial water bodies, whereas others do “dry out” altogether in the dry season and are not perennial. Sometimes they are considered as community ponds and may be stocked as a collective effort by a whole village, whereas others are sometimes connected to rivers and streams in the flood season. Water-gates fitted to places where river waters enter can be lowered at peak flood thus retaining both water and fish.

A village back-swamp close to B. Koua in Sangthong District in December 2011
An example of a species of black fish, Trichogaster pectoralis or Snakeskin Gourami (Pba Salit)
An example of a white fish, Labeo pierrei or Pba Va
An example of a Grey fish, Osphronemus exodon or Mekong Giant Gourami (Pba Men / Pba Raet)