Nam Ton Watershed

Knowledge Platform

Welcome to Nam Ton Watershed - Knowledge Platform. Nam Ton Watershed is one of the pilot watersheds in Lao PDR in which various areas of Watershed Planning, Management and Conservation  are being implemented in view creating capacity, getting lessons learn and in a next step to be able to sort out kind of watershed guidelines that would be applied country-wide.


 It is likely that getting knowledge is a pillar that sustains the different steps of watershed planning development such as :

  • developing a shared vision among the stakeholders and help building guidelines and road maps
  • understanding the stakes when coordinating the different sectors of development (agriculture, forest, fish, urban development, mines and industries, transport, tourism, etc...) 
  • getting a close monitored evaluation of the trends related to the social, economic and environmental indicators which, when cross-checked, should allow to find the best possible sustainable balance.



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