Nam Ton Watershed

Knowledge Platform

It is expected, by the end of SUMALOM project, to carry out the PWLUP process in the 6 Kum Ban (Village Clusters) located in the NTPA. From the 6 Kum Ban, 1 is located in Hin Heub district (Naxam) and the 5 others are part of Sang Thong District. It represents a total of 43 villages. On this total of 43 villages, 27 PWLUP were already completed up to now[1], at least up to step 6. Three Kum Ban have been completed : Naxam, Nalat and Xo[2]. The map below illustrated the areas the completion status up to now. On the 6 Kum Ban located in the NPA, 3 have been totally covered by the PWLUP : Naxam, Nalat and Xo.

[1] Mid-April 2014

[2] Xo Kum Ban is not located in Nam Ton watershed, but is part of NTPA. 

PWLUP ProgressApril2014